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Texas students fight for Dreamer Center

By staff

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Arlington, TX – The Progressive Student Union commenced a call-in campaign April 13 to get the administration at the University of Texas at Arlington to formally establish a Dreamer Center on their campus. Dreamer Centers exist already on several campuses, including University of Utah, Mountain View College, as well as UTA’s sister school the UT San Antonio. The latter has existed since 2018 due to student concerns that the undocumented students did not have adequate resources or protections due to the constant attacks on immigrants by the Trump administration.

This campaign was commenced as the university, now led by Chief Administrator and Provost Teik C. Lim, did not adequately respond to the demands the student organization had given to the administrators – which included, but were not limited to, $5 million in scholarships for traditionally underrepresented students, hiring four immigration lawyers, and making a plan to hire two Black and brown faculty members each year over the course of five years.

Instead the administration has pushed back against PSU, and the answering desk of the Office of the Provost said they would call the police on students who were giving their concerns.

In February, PSU had just managed to overcome attempted repression by the administration responding to their Rally for Dreamers back in November. Student activists in PSU are calling on all allies, friends and individuals to support the struggle of undocumented students on campus and oppose repression of students who are trying to create a better environment for their peers on campus.

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