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Texas: March held for victims of police terror

By Cassandra Swart

Dallas march against police crimes.

Dallas, TX – On April 18, about 90 people rallied at Dallas city hall to protest recent police killings such as the murder of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo. The rally was called by the Dallas Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression. Speeches were first held with DAARPR co-chair Jennifer Miller giving a passionate speech about her fears as a Black mother of an autistic child, “What happens when my son stops being a cute black boy and becomes a Black male threat. My son is Tamir Rice, my son is Trayvon Martin, and so many more.”

Next Kawana Scott of DAARPR spoke next, comparing the police murdering Daunte Wright with another case in which a Black man was tasered 15 times by a police officer, and called for justice. Afterwards local activist Olinka Green spoke, discussing local incidents of police terror in Dallas and calling for more intensity to the movement against police terror, calling for “more fire” in response to police violence. Green also discussed her concerns as a Black mother of a bipolar child, and her concerns that the police will abuse him in response to mental health incidents.

After the speeches 100 protesters marched around downtown Dallas, chanting, “Indict, convict, send all killer cops to jail. The whole damn system is guilty as hell!” and “The people united will never be defeated!” People in the march demanded the community control of the police to stop the violent massacre of Black and brown people.

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