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Tampa students rally against aggressions towards Iran

By Will Blake

Tampa Bay SDS protest against U.S. attacks on Iran.

Tampa, FL – At the University of South Florida, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held their second rally against the President Trump’s and U.S. aggression towards Iran. The protest, attended by around 20 students on campus on January 14, has come in the wake of the assassination of a high-ranking Iranian military figure, Qassem Soleimani.

Along with the threat of more U.S. troops to the region and further hostilities, Iran has been hit by U.S. economic sanctions since 2010. An SDS member told the crowd, “The sanctions have greatly limited the amount of medical resources that Iran can get. This has resulted in the Iranian people not able to get enough medical treatment for common illnesses and have often died from these otherwise treatable diseases and illnesses.”

With chants like “No sanctions, no war! We won’t take it anymore!” and “No justice, no peace, U.S. out of the Middle East!” the students made it clear that the United States’ aggression in the region would be met with further action and protests on the university campus.

Tampa Bay SDS will also be co-hosting an event on January 25 in Downtown Tampa against the potential war on Iran.

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