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Tampa students march for Rafah

By staff

Tampa students stand with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Tampa, FL – On Monday, February 19, around 15 students gathered in front of the University of South Florida Library to participate in an emergency protest in response to the recent Israeli ground assault in Rafah.

This action, organized by Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society, consisted of a march from the university’s library to the Marshall Student Center. Protesters demanded an end to U.S. aid to Israel, stop attacks on Rafah, and that the University of South Florida divest from genocide. Other student and community organizations were present, including members from the United Faculty of Florida. During the march, students chanted “Rhea Law, shame on you, Palestinians matter too!” to target the University of South Florida’s president, Rhea Law, who has only come out in support of Israeli students.

In a speech given about the University of South Florida’s involvement in funding genocide in Palestine, Tampa Bay SDS member Carlyn Turnage stated “USF seems intent on bringing a whole new generation into the killing industry.” Turnage then explained how the university is involved in this genocide, ending the speech by demanding that the University of South Florida end its complicity in mass murder of Palestinians and divest from genocide.

About half the population of Gaza, 1.4 million, has been displaced into its southernmost city, Rafah. After declaring the city as a safe space for refugees, on February 11, Israel bombed it, continuing the ongoing genocide of Palestinians.

Despite this, the Palestinian resistance continues to fight against the Israeli apartheid government. SDS has always and will continue to support the resistance and stand by them.

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