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Take action to Free Alex Saab!

By staff

Alex Saab

Grand Rapids, MI – The Committee to Free Alex Saab is calling all anti-war and international solidarity activists, community and immigrant rights organizers, labor unionists and students to join in an international week of action to Free Alex Saab.

Alex Saab is a Venezuelan diplomat who has been illegally kidnapped and imprisoned by the U.S. government for his work securing food, fuel, medicine and other basic necessities in defiance of the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela. Saab has now been detained for more than 1000 days, unable to see doctors or family members, and his health is rapidly declining. The denial of Saab’s diplomatic status is a direct attack on the sovereignty of Venezuela and a test-case for future acts of aggression against sovereign states; if the U.S. succeeds in prosecuting Saab, it will have a legal precedent to take similar actions against the representatives of any state it decrees to be “illegitimate.”

Minneapolis Anti-War Committee member Andrew Josefchak stated, “Alex Saab is a diplomat. The U.S. is saying that he isn’t a real diplomat because they don’t recognize the Venezuelan government as legitimate, as if the U.S, is the one who decides whether or not people get to elect their own leaders. He’s now been arrested and detained for more than 1000 days for providing his people with food and medicine. That’s not a crime, that’s heroism. Alex Saab needs to be allowed to see his family, to see a doctor, and more than anything to be set free immediately.”

The Committee to Free Alex Saab has called for activists to speak about freedom for Alex Saab at International Workers Day rallies and marches, hand out fliers and information, hold “Free Alex Saab!” signs, and lift banners of Alex Saab on campuses, busy street corners, or overpasses and hold educational events.

Tom Burke, organizational secretary of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, stated “There is a growing movement to free Alex Saab. We know of eight cities doing some sort of action. There will be speeches to free Alex Saab at International Workers’ Day rallies, some will show a movie about Venezuela’s brave diplomat, others will do outreach on campus to educate students. We want others around the world to join us in telling President Biden to let Saab go!”

Campaign members are available to provide material and speakers for teach-ins, interviews, panel-calls and rallies. Video documentaries and leafleting materials are also available to local movements on request. Reach out to [email protected] for information or materials.

End the U.S. Blockade of Venezuela!

Free Alex Saab!

Sanctions are an Act of War!

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