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Students from CSULA rally to demand the university divest from Israel

By Victor Rodriguez and Julianna Castellon

Los Angeles, CA – On Tuesday, May 7, the campus of California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) witnessed a powerful display of solidarity as hundreds of students, led by Students 4 Justice in Palestine, united with community members and alumni at their campus’ student encampment. Their collective voice demanded “Hands off Rafah” and for the CSU system to sever all financial ties with Israel.

The rally started with chants calling for justice and liberation: “Free free free Palestine,” “Down, down with the occupation! Up, up with liberation” and “Not another nickel not another dime, no more money for Israel's crimes.” These chants, alongside prayers in Arabic, emphasized the urgency and depth of the cause.

From the podium, student leaders delivered impassioned speeches, vowing relentless activism until their demands were met. “They will continue to hear our chants echoing throughout CSULA, the streets of Los Angeles, and in every single city, on every single university campus in the U.S. and around the world until Palestine is free from the river to the sea,” declared one student leader, igniting the crowd with determination.

Another student speaker emphasized the inevitability of victory, proclaiming, “We know it's only a matter of time. We have seen the occupation's defeat draw closer and closer. And here in the belly of the beast, we will continue to fight until every single one of our demands is met.”

A master's student at CSULA articulated the heartache and urgency felt by many: “I have come to this rally to show my solidarity with the Palestinian people. For the past 215 days, we have seen Israel drop bombs on Gaza, killing thousands of innocent Palestinians, women, and children included.” Her voice represented a growing sentiment among students demanding accountability from their university administrations regarding Israel's actions in Gaza.

The demands put forth by CSULA students reflect a broader movement for justice and accountability. As voices grow louder and actions become more unified, the call for divestment from Israel has gained momentum. The rally at CSULA serves as a poignant reminder that solidarity knows no bounds and that the struggle for Palestinian liberation resonates deeply within communities around the world.

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