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Students and socialists protest Trump at Omni Hotel in Houston

By Angelica Hernandez

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Houston, TX – Donald Trump faced a spirited protest outside the Omni Hotel in Houston on Sept. 17. Trump was speaking to a hate based anti-immigrant group called the Remembrance Project.

Protest organizer David Smith said, “Donald Trump is a racist and a bigot, and his sole purpose is to spread fear and divide the working class. We want Trump and his message out of our city.” Smith is with the Houston Socialist Movement.

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both represent the interests of Wall Street, only the the top 1%. Therefore SDS doesn’t see change coming from the elections, but rather from grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter and the Native resistance to the North Dakota pipeline,” said Fabian Sneevliet of Students for a Democratic Society.

Ian Cox of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization said, “We don’t need Trump and his hate, we need a revolution.”

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