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From the struggle of Martin Luther King Jr. to today – FBI attacks peace and justice activists

By staff

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Minneapolis, MN – The Committee to Stop FBI Repression has issued a leaflet on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and the struggle against political repression. Tom Burke, a spokesperson for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression urges activists to distribute the flyer at Martin Luther King Day events, stating, “Dr. King was a giant in the struggle for equality, peace and justice, and the FBI did its best to destroy him. Distributing this flyer at MLK Day events brings out an important message about the government’s continuing attempts to repress movements that are working for social justice.”

Burke also urges participating in the Jan. 25 protests against repression. Jan. 25 is the day that nine Palestine solidarity activists have been told to appear in front of a Chicago Grand Jury. To date, a total of 23 international solidarity, peace, justice and labor activists have been subpoenaed to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s Grand Jury witch hunt.

The leaflet reads in part, “The FBI’s targeting and attacks against King from 1955 until after his assassination in 1968 is something that should never be forgotten. Their attacks on King were illegal and outrageous. Unfortunately they were not unique – they were in a context of much broader FBI attacks on all progressive movements. In that period the sharpest FBI attacks were against Black, Native American, Chicano, Puerto Rican and Asian movements, in particular the FBI COINTELPRO that targeted the Black Panther Party and others, as well as the anti-war and student movement. But FBI harassment of progressive movements didn’t end with the 1960s.”

The leaflet concludes, “We are now seeing rapidly increasing FBI attacks on anti-war and international solidarity activists, also under the guise of ‘anti-terrorism,’ in the Midwest. The FBI’s investigations have led to 23 activists being subpoenaed to testify at a grand jury to be interrogated about their peace activism. These modern-day FBI attacks are a continuation of the FBI’s ongoing practice of trying to discredit and stop any movements for social change.”

“Since they thrive on secrecy and fear, we need to boldly expose and work to stop the FBI’s repressive actions, as we continue to speak out and build the movements for social justice. Doing both of those things is the best way to fully honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

To download the leaflet, go to:

Flyer on FBI repression from MLK to today

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