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Stop the repression against trade unionists in the Philippines

By Fight Back! Editors

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The U.S.-backed regime of Philippines President Duterte has launched a wave of repression against the militant and powerful trade union grouping, the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU)/May First Movement. We urge members of unions, community groups, student and other progressive organizations to stand with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines by demanding an end to this repression.

In recent weeks the Duterte regime has used the pandemic as a cover to intensify its crackdown on a host of labor and human rights groups. In Laguna province and Southern Tagalog, the military and police are being used against the KMU. This must stop.

Duterte’s shutdown of the Philippines’ largest broadcast network, ABS-CBN, is a serious threat to press freedom and suggests a move towards martial law.

U.S.-based multinational corporations dominate the economic life of the Philippines, and the U.S. government pays and participates in the for the repression, including sending U.S. military advisors.

Progressives here in the U.S. can make a difference in what happens in the Philippines. Call the Philippine Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez at 202-467-9366. Let him know you are against the attacks by the police and military on KMU labor leaders and organizers in Southern Tagalog.

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