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Starbucks workers on strike in Minneapolis

By staff

Strikers in front of Starbucks.

Minneapolis, MN – Workers at the Starbucks on 47th Street and Cedar Avenue location in Minneapolis walked out on strike, Sunday, July 31 in protest of Unfair Labor Practices committed by the company. Strikers lined the sidewalks in front of the store, chanting, “Venti, grande, mocha double; union busters, you’ve got trouble” and “Starbucks, Starbucks rich and rude. We don’t like your attitude.” The strike has full participation from the workers and the store is fully shut down. Customers were turned away at the drive-thru on Sunday morning and were told there’d be no coffee today or tomorrow.

After having won union representation in May, the workers, who are members of Starbucks Workers United, are excited to move forward and begin negotiating their first contract along with over 200 other unionized stores. However, Starbucks management has stonewalled on bargaining and is unilaterally changing store hours and forcing workers to work short-staffed.

The 47th and Cedar Starbucks Organizing Committee said in their statement to the store manager, “Over the last few weeks, conditions at our store have decreased significantly for workers and customers alike. While you and corporate have decided to blame us for the failures leading to this change, we disagree. As Starbucks Baristas and Shift Supervisors, we have provided the absolute best possible work under the conditions provided to us. However, you have left us to rot exhausted and in pain, leading to the spine of this location, the workers, to deteriorate even more so than any time before. You can hear it, you can SEE it, here today we stand in opposition to the actions and lack of action.”

In a video, Starbucks Organizing Committee member Kasey Copeland discusses why workers voted overwhelmingly to unionize and to strike.

Workers United International Vice President Kathy Hanshew said, “We are extremely proud of the workers of Starbucks 47th and Cedar. The Starbucks bosses are no match for this new generation of union activists, and no match for a united labor movement that is steadfast in its commitment to stand with them. All power to the Starbucks workers! This is a huge step forward for their movement and for all workers.”

The workers have a strike fund for unions and members who want to support financially:

Picketing Starbucks workers were joined on the lines by members of other unions, including AFSCME 3800-UMN Clerical Workers and MFT59-Minneapolis Federation of Teachers. The picket lines will remain in place on Monday, August 1.

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