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South Floridians rally for peace in Korea

By staff

South Florida protest against a U.S. war on the Korean peninsula

Fort Lauderdale, FL – South Florida anti-war activists held protests in two locations on August 12. In Fort Lauderdale and North Miami Beach, protesters spoke out against the Trump administration’s threats toward the DPRK (north Korea).

The Fort Lauderdale protest was called for by POWIR (People’s Opposition to War, Imperialism and Racism). 15 people gathered in front of the Federal Building holding a banner that read, “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation.” Some signs at the protest read, “Trump: We won’t fight your wars” and “World War III – shut it down!”

Henry Calway, an anti-war organizer from Boynton Beach, said after the protest, “It’s important for people in the imperialist countries to defend the sovereignty of oppressed peoples. Trump’s threats against the DPRK will be met with a wave of resistance at home and abroad. That’s what this demonstration was for.”

The organizers of the rallies in Fort Lauderdale and Miami agreed to hold a future event against possible war with the DPRK outside of Trump’s golf course and resort in Doral, Florida.

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