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Second Colombian Revolutionary Kidnapped by U.S.

By mick

Commander Sonia, a leader of the FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) was extradited to the United States on March 9. In many press reports the women rebel commander is also referred to as Omaira Rojas.

Commander Sonia is the second rebel leader to be imprisoned in the United States. Ricardo Palmera, another FARC leader, is being held in jail near Washington, D.C.

Tom Burke, of the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera, stated, “It’s ominous that the Bush administration is continuing its policy of kidnapping leaders of a national liberation movement. Bush has no business jailing these fighters for justice and equality.”

Reports from Colombia indicate that Sonia was held under extremely harsh conditions. Torture is commonplace in Colombian prisons.

The FARC is Colombia’s largest rebel group. It is fighting an unpopular government that is propped up by the U.S. military.

For further information on the struggle to free Colombian political prisoners, contact the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera at

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