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Solidarity With Palermo's Strikers

By staff

Daughter of a Palermo's striker delivering petitions in pizza boxes to Palermo's

Milwaukee, WI – Demanding the right to collectively bargain, Palermo’s frozen pizza workers have been out on strike since June 1.

Workers and supporters picket six days a week while collecting thousands of petition signatures online. A national boycott is in effect for Palermo’s frozen pizzas.

A solidarity dinner will be held July 12 at United Lodge 66 at 6:00 p.m., bringing together Palermo’s workers and members of Voces de la Frontera, the Machinists, Occupy and other supporting organizations.

After the dinner, at 7:30pm, attendees are all invited to join the picket line.

“We expect to raise money and enjoy our creativity before Thursday's picket,” commented Daniel Ginsberg of Occupy Milwaukee.

Carolina Soza-Gonzalez, who is helping to organize the solidarity dinner said, “The just fight for living wages, benefits and safe working conditions has been a constant through the history of this country. Milwaukee in particular is one of the places where the workers have gone as far as giving their lives for an eight-hour work day. Today the Palermo workers are the ones leading this fight, for them and for all of us. It is because their fight goes beyond this particular factory that we have the duty to support them. These workers, and their families, are fighting for our rights by risking it all – jobs, housing, health benefits.”

Soza-Gonzalez added, “The strike has been going on for over a month and we do not know exactly how much longer it will go we need the support of everyone...the workers need money for rent and basic needs, they need food and even water and umbrellas for the picketing. They also need to know we are with them. They need our strength to continue, until victory.”

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