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Socialist Cuba hailed in Minneapolis

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – More than 60 people packed a hall, October 27, to view the film Fidel: The Untold Story, and to learn about the tremendous advances made in socialist Cuba. The event was organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO).

Brad Sigal of FRSO told the crowd, “The fact that Cubans made a revolution at all would have been notable enough, even if it didn’t last a week. But remarkably it continues to this day. The Cuban revolutionaries have beaten all odds and the revolution has survived for 59 years. They continue to build socialism on a small island in the shadow of the empire. This world-historic accomplishment has meant everything to the Cuban people and the people of the world.”

Sigal also noted, “Cuba projects solidarity around the world, way beyond what most would have thought possible for a small, island nation. Cuba sends literacy brigades and doctors to all kinds of poor and oppressed nations out of a spirit of solidarity and internationalism, asking nothing in return. Cuba has supported liberation movements around the world for decades, again, asking nothing in return. It was Cuban troops who helped the South African liberation movement turn the tide to end apartheid.”

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