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Senator Franken told: “No more deportations, no more delays, no more excuses”

By staff

Immigrant rights activists protest

Immigrant rights activists protest at MN Senator Franken's campaign office

Saint Paul, MN – Immigrant rights activists protested outside Senator Franken's campaign office Sept. 11, to send the message, “No more deportations, no more delays, no more excuses.” After demonstrating outside, they marched into the office and presented their demands to three Franken campaign staff members. Several community members spoke passionately to the Franken representatives. They said Franken should make a public statement reversing himself and calling for Obama to take executive action now to stop deportations. The Franken staff members said they would pass what people said on to the senator.

The protest was organized by the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC). They protested Franken, a Democratic Party senator, because last week he and a few other Democratic senators publicly told Obama to delay taking executive action to stop deportation of immigrants. Because of the inability to move any pro-immigrant legislation through Congress and mounting immigrant rights protests around the country, Obama had promised to take executive action by the end the summer. But because of the Democratic senators' statements at the 11th hour, presumably prompted by election-season jitters, Obama announced he would once again delay action needed to stop deportations at least until after the November election.

MIRAC member Brad Sigal said, “You can always come up with reasons to delay taking action for justice. If it’s not elections, it’s something else. But the time is now to stop deportations – no more delays, no more excuses. More than 1000 people are deported every day, so this delay means 60,000 more people will be deported, on top of the 2 million people already deported under this administration. Minnesota can’t wait. We call on Senator Franken to join us in telling President Obama to take executive action to stop the deportations now.”

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