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Seattle shuts down I-5 to say no business as usual during genocide!

By staff

Palestine solidarity protest in Seattle. | Fight Back! News/staff

Seattle, WA – On Saturday, January 6, around 1000 activists and community members joined together for a rally and march that began at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery on Seattle in Capitol Hill. Starbucks has continued to attack its workers organizing unions across the company and attacked Starbucks Workers United for showing solidarity with the people of Palestine.

In a rousing speech, organizers condemned the union busting activities of Starbucks and the role corporate America plays in supporting the U.S.-back Israeli genocide of Palestinians. However, they also made it clear that this movement’s primary focus should be on the weapons manufacturers, politicians, and others that materially fund the ongoing attack on Gaza – and to shut down business as usual until Palestine is free.

From there, participants marched towards the bridge overlooking north Interstate-5, where organizers made the announcement that a group of protesters had taken I-5 and successfully blocked traffic going northbound. As the blockade continued, onlookers cheered them on. Chants of “Resistance is justified when people are occupied!” and “Seattle city you will see, Palestine will be free!” could be heard across Seattle.

“Those in Samidoun, JVP, Support the Palestinian Voice, Super UW, Falastiniyat are going to continue to escalate, support, and be in solidarity with others in this movement who are going to escalate and take direct action to disrupt material support that the U.S. empire and its leading institutions and corporations have for this ongoing genocide of Palestine,” said Alon Lapid, an organizer with Samidoun Seattle. “We are not going to stop till we have a free Palestine and all of our demands are met!”

“The Seattle Alliance and the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression stand in unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian People and their just resistance,” said a member of the group. “We know that we are fighting the same enemy!” A number of community members gave speeches while the local community cheered and chanted in support of those who blocked I-5.

Even through the rain, hail and thunder, the rally continued for over four hours as protesters on the highway continued to keep I-5 shut down. No arrests were made.

The action sent a clear message that there will be no normal business under genocide, and Seattle will continue fighting until Palestine is free.

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