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SDS Denver furthers ‘Chop from the Top!’ campaign, marches on President Davidson

By Solveig Swain

Denver students fight attacks on education. | Fight Back! News/staff

Denver, CO – On November 1, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Denver gathered to protest the budget mismanagement by the administration of the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

The event began with a speak-out outside the campus library before the student activists marched on MSU President Janine Davidson’s office for a second round of speakers. Upon arrival, students voiced their demands for a rectification of work-study programs, better treatment of faculty, and a budget prioritizing education.

The main demand voiced by students throughout the event was for MSU to implement a tuition freeze. MSU administration has complained that due to falling enrollment over previous years, they had no choice but to raise tuition for incoming students. SDS believes this strategy only deepens the issue. Higher tuition means that fewer students will be able to attend MSU, leading to even lower enrollment and funding. For this reason, SDS demands that increased funding come from bloated admin salaries, not struggling students.

Additionally, SDS took issue with the evisceration of work-study programs. Speakers voiced concerns over the legality of MSU’s work-study programs, where there are few opportunities, and the existing opportunities are often too far or pay starvation wages. The SDS believes this is not sustainable. Work-study is an essential tenet of all colleges, but especially commuter schools such as MSU, where students are often already in difficult economic situations. If this issue is not rectified, enrollment will continue to drop while MSU is further privatized.

Throughout the march and speak-outs, it was clear the masses of students stand with the SDS. Students stopped to record and join the SDS at the speak-outs and cheered them on along their march. Across campus, students are fed up with the bulk of university funds being steered away from education. Instead of paying admin like Janine Davidson upwards of $500,000 a year, students want to see these funds going to their education.

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