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SCOTUS decision on the EPA: Time to fight for climate justice in the streets!

By Climate Justice Committee-MN

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement by the Minnesota-based Climate Justice Committee.

On Thursday June 30, the Supreme Court ruled against the EPA and its ability to set pollution limits on power plants. This is a blow to the U.S. government's ability to combat climate change and comes on the heels of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to an abortion. It’s also a sign that the current court is set out on an anti-people agenda that will put a corporate and a right-wing agenda before the needs of the people. And it's a sign that the system won't do a thing to reverse climate change created by capitalism’s drive for profits above else.

SCOTUS' majority decision says that the EPA doesn’t have express powers to regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants, citing the EPA as an unelected governmental department. But on the other hand, we can see the lack of action on the part of elected officials. Politicians bought by the fossil fuel industry torpedoed the green infrastructure bill. Elected officials have been part of what has put us in the climate catastrophe we are currently in, they have stood by and been complacent or active participants.

Climate change is a real and growing threat and the government, elected and unelected, can't and won't save us. Our only solution is to fight like hell, to unite the climate justice struggle with other progressive movements like the abortion access movement and the Black lives matter movements. We need to take our fight to the streets and to the doors of politicians and demand real action on climate change! Join the Climate Justice Committee!

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