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SCOTUS clears the way for Texas State Bill 4, the “Show me your papers bill”

By staff

Texas press conference blasts State Bill 4.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Legalization for All Network.

In an outrageous ruling the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) gave the green light to Texas State Bill 4 (SB4) putting it immediately into effect in Texas. This bill is also known as the “Show Me Your Papers” bill, as it gives Texas law enforcement powers that only federal agencies possess – the power to stop, question, and arrest a person about U.S. citizenship status, as well as power to deport.

The Legalization for All (L4A) Network condemns this recent act by SCOTUS as well as Texan Governor Greg Abbott for being the originator of SB4. This bill will be used to further terrorize and racially profile Chicano, Latino, undocumented people, and those seeking asylum in the state of Texas.

Xavi Velazquez with La Frontera Nos Cruzó says, “All Texans have a responsibility to their neighbor, we look out for each other, silence is complicity. I, along with others here in Dallas, refuse to be complicit in a blatant strike against Raza. This law is an attempt to legitimize the dehumanization of millions of people in this country. ¡Aquí estamos y no nos vamos!”

Amerika Garcia-Grewal resident and activist in Eagle Pass, Texas says, “SB4 is a step backward in our fight for human rights. We must raise our voices louder than ever to protect the vulnerable, which include U.S. citizens of color. In the face of this ruling, we reaffirm our commitment to stand with marginalized communities in Texas, including immigrants, and oppose policies that promote fear and division.”

We are calling all indignant of SB4 to act now. The three following action items are what you can do to help.

1. Flood Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s lines now (Texas residents) 1-800-843-5789 or for all others 512-463-1782 and read the following script

SCRIPT: “Hi, my name is (your name) calling from (City/State) with the Legalization for All Network to denounce Texas State Bill 4! We condemn Texas law enforcement being given the power to racially profile and deport anyone they want! Down with SB4!”

2. Participate in the large action against SB4 in Dallas/Fort Worth March 24th 2:00 pm at City Garden Park – 1014 Main St Dallas, TX 75202

3. Or Donate to a Texas organization affiliated with L4A, like BorderVigil Zelle [email protected] .

Down with the attacks on the undocumented, down with State Bill 4, and Legalization for All!

If you wish to affiliate with L4A, send us a message now @LegalizationForAll on social media or [email protected]

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