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Say no to a wider war in the Middle East! Hands off Iran!

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

The U.S. and its proxy Israel are provoking a wider war in the Middle East. For the past 6 months, the U.S. has been assisting Israel in the Gaza genocide. Israel and the U.S. have launched repeated attacks on Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Iran is now responding to the deadly Israeli airstrikes on its diplomatic mission in Syria. The possibility of a wider war is here. A response by our movement is needed. All of us who stand with Palestine and oppose the genocide, who insist on peace with justice, need to be ready to hit the streets. We need to add “Hands off Iran!” to our list of demands.

We need to understand the gravity of the situation. Israel and the United States bear the entire responsibility for what is happening. They are carrying out massacre after massacre. U.S. bombs are killing kids. The U.S.-backed Israeli apartheid state is weak. The occupation of Palestine is facing a real challenge from the popular resistance. So, the Zionists are lashing out at others in the Middle East who have the courage to stand with Palestine.

In the coming hours and days, it is possible that Israel and the U.S. will launch military attacks on Iran. Iran has helped the Palestinian resistance, and we should stand with Iran just as we stand with Palestine. That means opposing any war moves against Iran. This a critical moment in history. The U.S. empire is declining. It is trying to hold onto all that it can, but people all over the world are not having it. They want freedom and national liberation. That’s a good thing. Any movement that opposes imperialism or empire is positive. No one wants to live under foreign domination, and resistance to occupation is a just cause.

A widening war needs to be met with protests. We need to speak out loud and clear. We demand hands off Iran. We are in solidarity with Palestine. The people have power, and we will exercise it in the streets.

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