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San Jose marches to end Israel’s genocide in Gaza

By staff

Palestine solidarity demonstration in San Jose, CA. | Fight Back! News/staff

San Jose, CA – A diverse crowd gathered at San Jose City Hall on Sunday, November 19 to demand an end to the U.S.-backed Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people. Over 1000 people were in attendance, including families and children. The goal was clear: to demand an end to the atrocities faced by the Palestinian people and to call out the U.S. government's support for Israel's actions.

The rally began with speeches honoring Palestinian martyrs, asserting the right to self-defense, and condemning any state operating as an apartheid state.

People then marched to Roosevelt Park, chanting, “We don't want no two-state, we want all of 48,” “Free free Palestine” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Signs and posters read, “End U.S. aid to Israel,” “Viva Palestina, “Stand with Palestine,” and “End the occupation now.”

Many children proudly lifted flags, symbolizing the collective hope for a free Palestine. The unity between the young and old, the working class, and communities of color was palpable.

Prayers and speeches at Roosevelt Park reinforced the commitment to the cause. Rami Asia from Silicon Valley for Palestine emphasized the need for action in all aspects of life, drawing inspiration from the recent Washington D.C. action, stating, “We are flesh and bone, minds and souls. We will be respected as such,” he declared.

Lou Dimes from B.L.A.C.K. Outreach drew parallels between Palestinian suppression and the Civil Rights movement.

Chris Wanis from Silicon Valley for Palestine and Palestinian Youth Movement shared inspiring stories of resilience from Gaza, highlighting the bravery and spirit of the Palestinian people. He drew a local connection by revealing that SJSU tuition money funds Israel, linking the struggles of Palestine to the heart of the community.

As the march returned to City Hall, the chants continued, echoing a commitment to justice that reverberated through the streets. The San Jose protest was not merely an event; it was a collective call to action, a reminder that the fight for justice knows no borders.

The coalition that organized the protest includes Silicon Valley for Palestine, Palestinian Youth Movement, Black Outreach, Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), Hero Tent, and PSL.

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