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Salt Lake City protests Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict

By Chris Manor

Salt Lake City protest demands justice for Trayvon Martin.

Salt Lake City, UT – Over 30 protesters gathered here, July 20, to answer Reverend Al Sharpton's call for 100 protests in 100 cities. They protested the not guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman as he was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin.

Rally organizer Ian De Olivera led the protesters in chants demanding justice for Trayvon Martin, demanding the imprisonment of Zimmerman and condemning the judicial system. Speaking of his motivations, De Olivera said, “I'm not here just because I'm outraged. I'm not here to feel good about myself for doing something. I'm here to get justice for Trayvon.” He then announced the number for the Department of Justice and encouraged the crowd to call and demand a full civil rights investigation.

Local activist Victor Puertes related, “I support Trayvon Martin's family and at the same time the uprising for justice all across the country.” He continued, “It's not an individual problem, it's the whole system that needs to change, the system which kills Black, Brown and indigenous people.”

The protesters and organizers have vowed to keep fighting and demanding justice for Trayvon. Local organizer Gregory Lucero said, “What this verdict shows us is that it's OK to lynch a Black man in America. That's not an America that we want to live in and we'll keep fighting until it changes and we have justice for Trayvon.”

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