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Raul Ruiz and Gloria Arellanes to speak at Chicano Moratorium commemoration in Boyle Heights

By staff

Los Angeles, CA – Families, activists and students will commemorate the 48th anniversary of the historic Chicano Moratorium Against the War, on August 29, 6:30 pm at Self Help Graphics, 1300 E. First Street in LA.

The program, organized by Centro CSO, will honor the historic August 29, 1970 Chicano Moratorium, where over 30,000 people march to protest the high casualty rate of Chicanos in the war in Vietnam. The Chicano Moratorium event is held every year to commemorate the Chicanos’ community fight for equality, peace and against U.S. wars.

Now, the Centro CSO continues to denounce President Trump’s threats of interventions and war against countries like Iran, Venezuela and north Korea. They also call for the U.S. Navy and troops to get out of the Philippines.

Featured speakers at the event will be Raul Ruiz, former editor and photographer for La Raza newspaper. Also featured is Gloria Arellanes, a founder of the original Chicano Moratorium, Brown Berets, and Las Adelitas – an anti-war women’s group.

Cruz Becerra, a Vietnam war veteran, will also speak, along with Nikole Cababa, Secretary General of Bayan USA; Dalia Jaramillo-Chicano, Moratorium Organizing Committee; United Teachers of LA; Sol Marquez, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and members of Centro CSO.

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