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Protest slams NSA spying, voices support for Snowden

By staff

Some of the protesters at rally against NSA spying.

Minneapolis, MN – About 25 protesters gathered in front of the Hennepin County government building here, June 11, to protest the massive National Security Agency spying program and to support whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Misty Rowan, of the Anti-War Committee stated, “Well you know what? Our Fourth Amendment rights are a matter of national security Mr. President. I don't feel safe in a country where the government is monitoring everything I say and do. I refuse to accept this as the new terms and conditions of living in a nation that's been 'terrified' for the last 12 years. Enough is enough!”

Rowan continued, “In the AWC we've known about the ugly turn this war on terror has taken for a few years now. In 2010, the FBI raided our office and the homes of several of our members and others across the country, calling them to a grand jury in Chicago under investigation of material support for terrorism – just because we organize to end this war based on lies, and carried out against the will of the American people.

“The Occupy Wall Street movement also learned of the conduct of these agencies and became familiar with the snitches, infiltrators, wire tapping and raids. But this goes beyond the regular repression of political movements. What we are talking about is every single person, every single phone number, every transaction. It's as if the entire country, in fact the world, is under investigation by the U.S. government. People, you need to realize that this isn't about terrorists anymore. This is about you. How your government is treating you – supposedly for your own good.”

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