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Protest demanding end to police crimes meets Trump visit in Green Bay, WI

By staff

Coalition to March on the DNC protests Trump visit in Green Bay, WI.

Green Bay, WI – On June 25, over 50 people gathered on the premises of the Austin Straubel International Airport to protest President Donald Trump, who was recording a town hall inside one of the facilities there. The effort was led by the Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention, but also included Wisconsin Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement, Justice for Jonathon Tubby, and Black Lives United – Green Bay (BLU).

Protesters listened to comments from Coalition co-chair Ryan Hamann mixed in with a variety of chants attacking Trump. A theme throughout the event was the demand for justice for victims of police crimes and the slogan “Black lives matter.” Trump made comments about police reform one of the main points for his town hall, so it’s only fitting that the protest highlighted his racism and greenlighting of police crimes.

When the few Trump supporters who appeared for the town hall and Trump’s cronies filed out of the Jet Air building where the recording was taking place, the rally transitioned into a march. Led by Jordyn Cook and Desiree Cooper of BLU, the protesters made their way toward the flight terminal where Air Force One was stationed.

Here the demand for justice for the victims of police crimes was reiterated, with the addition of the call for community control of the police everywhere. Hamann cycled through a list of the recent victims of killer cops across the state of Wisconsin, highlighting that it is an issue that touches every community, big or small, urban or rural. Jonathan Tubby, a member of the Oneida Nation murdered by Green Bay police officer Erik O’Brien in October 2018, was the main focus, but nearly a dozen other names were shared.

But the issue of killer cops goes beyond Donald Trump and the republicans.

“The republicans, led by President Donald Trump, clearly don’t care about this issue, or are active promoters of the ‘thin blue line,’ ‘blue lives matter’ rhetoric. And the solution posed by the democrats? Nicely summed up by presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s comments about shooting people in the leg rather than the heart,” Hamann said. “It’s in primarily democrat-run cities where these cops kill people and get away with it, where these people are allowed to continue policing communities.”

Hamann continued, “The issue of police crimes and protecting killer cops is a bipartisan one. That’s why when we march on the DNC this August, raising the demand for community control of the police and an end to police terror is so essential. Our communities are suffocating under the weight of oppressive police departments and their inflated budgets. We can’t breathe.”

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