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Protest at Dayton-owned restaurant says ‘Immigrants at the table, not on the menu’

By Austin Jensen

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Minneapolis, MN – 70 pro-immigrant activists and community members gathered May 28 at The Bachelor Farmer restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, demanding drivers licenses for immigrants. The Bachelor Farmer is owned by Eric and Andrew Dayton, sons of current Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton.

The action began when six activists dressed as waiters entered the restaurant delivering menus that described facts about undocumented immigrants and a call for Governor Dayton to veto Minnesota bill HF 470, a public safety bill that includes anti-immigrant language to deny drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.

At the same time, outside the restaurant, over 60 people picketed on the sidewalk. Chants included “Immigrants at the table, not on the menu,” and “Drivers licenses now!”

The action was put on by a coalition of immigrant rights groups and numerous community members who had taken part in organizing the Permanent Assembly of Governor Dayton's Office from May 23-26.

A statement regarding a meeting with Governor Dayton was released by the coalition of pro-immigrant organizations May 28 on Navigate Minnesota's Facebook page, stating, “We want to openly disclose that we finally got a meeting with Governor Dayton only a few hours before the expiration date for HF 470 on Tuesday night,” referring to a deadline by which the governor said he will take action on budget bills.

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