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Pro-Palestine protesters stage die-in outside of Greater New Orleans, Inc. luncheon

By Serena Sojic-Borne

New Orleans pro-Palestine protesters hold banner outside Hyatt Regency hotel. | Fight Back! News/Noor Saad

New Orleans, LA – On January 12 at 11 a.m., about a dozen protesters laid on the sidewalk in front of the Hyatt Regency during an annual luncheon for Greater New Orleans Incorporated (GNO Inc).

They rolled out banners reading “End collaboration with Israel” and “Genocidal New Orleans Inc: No innovation with occupation.”

GNO Inc. is a regional economic development non-profit organization that receives grants from local governments. The luncheon is their keystone networking event.

Protesters condemned the group for participating in the “Innovation Embassy,” an agreement set to facilitate technological trade with Israel this year. Other parties to the “embassy” include the Port of New Orleans and the New Orleans Business Alliance.

GNO Inc. moved their event’s location up by one story ahead of the protest. Hotel security closely watched the gathering. A protester wearing a yamaka took offense as one security guard remarked about someone in a “Jewish hat and glasses.”

“GNO, you can’t hide, you’re supporting genocide!” and “Divest from genocide! No profits from apartheid!” chanted protesters at the die-in.

The protest took place in the context of Israel’s ongoing genocide against the people of Gaza. New Orleans Stop Helping Israel’s Port (NOSHIP) organized the event.

“The Jewish hat will return!” cried Sruly Heller of NOSHIP, as the protest concluded.

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