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Press conference held for Tampa students facing political repression after encampment

By Saba Indawala

Tampa press conference demands end to repression against pro-Palestine students.  | Staff/Fight Back! News

Tampa, FL – On June 28, approximately 15 students and community members gathered in front of the University of South Florida (USF) for a press conference in response to the recent attacks on Victoria Hinckley and Joseph Charry. The two students were targeted by university administration for participating in a Gaza solidarity encampment at USF.

After the encampment, the school suspended both Hinckley and Charry and ultimately expelled Hinckley and suspended Charry for a year.

Held by Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the press conference had speakers demanding that the expulsion and suspension be repealed, attacks on the student movement be stopped, that the university disclose investiture information to the student body, and divest immediately from companies that support the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

In a speech demanding that USF stop attacking the student movement, Tampa Bay SDS member, Amayrani Nieto stated, “We see time and time again that USF does not value or honor free speech, they value a quiet oppression.”

Tampa Bay SDS will continue to fight for a free and liberated Palestine and will continue to fight against the expulsion of Hinckley and the suspension of Charry.

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