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Portland marches in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance

By Omar Gil

Portland, Oregon protesters stand with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Portland, OR – On March 16, 50 people came out to Chapman Square in downtown Portland to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance and to demand an end to U.S. support of the Zionist genocide.

The rally and subsequent march lasted for two hours. The rally was the first one called by PDX for Palestine (PDX4P). Organizers and protesters gave speeches in support of the Palestinian resistance and demanding justice, denouncing the Israeli war crimes.

Speaking to the protest, Elijah Morton said, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that no amount of international pressure and criticism over civilian casualties will stop Israel. This is a clear admission that the Zionists occupiers have no shame when it comes to violating international law. Israel is a rogue nation!”

Speakers from the crowd denounced Israel, and spoke about the news industry’s complicity in genocide, as well as repression on social media platforms for standing in solidarity with Palestine.

Chants such as “Gaza must have food and water, Israel, Israel stop the slaughter!” and “No more hiding, no more fear, genocide is crystal clear!” were echoed by the crowd and led by PDX4P members Kacey Desantis and Morgan Jenson.

Many cars honked and drivers waved in support of the demonstration. Pedestrians joined the march as it continued past hotels and other commercial spaces downtown. Onlookers took photos and videos, while some raised fists in solidarity.

Holly Brown reminded protesters that, “This is an opportunity to organize those who are waking up to the reality of imperialism and capitalism into a larger struggle that is able to fight back effectively. The United States sends billions of dollars to the Zionist occupation every year while people here sleep on the streets. We don’t have healthcare, the cost of living is skyrocketing, and people’s wages have stayed stagnant. We share a common enemy with the Palestinian people, so we will continue to organize and escalate the fight in solidarity with our comrades in Palestine.”

So long as the United States continues to enable the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian genocide, PDX4P will continue to mobilize in support of the Palestinian resistance and to demand an end of U.S. aid to Israel.

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