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Portland: Demonstrators demand an end to U.S. aid to Israel

By staff

Portland protest in solidarity with Palestine.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Portland, OR – On February 10, a crowd gathered at Pioneer Square in Portland to protest the ongoing genocide in Gaza, and demand an end of U.S. aid to Israel. As the crowd chanted, “Palestine is our demand! No peace on stolen land!” passersby joined in the rally and spoke to organizers handing out leaflets.

Omar Gil from Freedom Road Socialist Organization said, “We stand with Palestine because we know the military operation on October 7 was a just response by the Palestinian resistance against a nearly century-old Zionist occupation.”

Holly Brown pointed out the need to continue organizing and taking to the streets for Gaza as “Israel begins its assault on Rafah, attempting to push 1.4 million refugees into Egypt.”

The rally ended with protesters agreeing to continue the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

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