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People march forward in Newark for jobs, peace, equality and justice April 4

By staff

Photo of April 4 protest in Newark, NJ.

Newark, NJ – Around 600 people turned out on here April 4 for a March for Jobs, Peace, Equality and Justice initiated by the People’s Organization for Progress. The date marked the 1968 assassination of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. A speaking program followed at Essex Community College.

Dozens of organizations joined in support of the march. The Communications Workers of American turned out hundreds of its members. The themes of the event were workers’ rights, civil rights, the need to end the wars and meet human needs at home. Speaker after speaker noted that Dr. King’s life was taken as he was engaged in support of the efforts of sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee to unionize and gain a better life.

The turnout was a strong show of working class unity in the face of acute crisis in the capitalist system.

600 protest in Newark, NJ April 4.

Marching for peace, justice, and equality on April 4.

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