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Over 4000 march for Palestine at Texas capitol

By staff

Austin, Texas stands with Palestine

Austin, TX – Over 4000 people rallied in front of the Austin State Capitol in support of Palestine on Sunday, October 29. The rally was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC), a student organization from UT Austin, and included speakers from PSC and Jewish Voices for Peace.

The PSC has long been organizing to stop the Israeli occupation of Palestine and recently ramped up their actions in response to the war, along with the horrible atrocities, like the bombing of hospitals, committed by Israel. One speaker spoke of the importance of remembering that, though this war is three weeks old, it is the culmination of a 75 year occupation.

People chanted over pro-genocide hecklers and listened to speakers for almost an hour before marching from the Capitol to East Ceasar Chavez Street and back. Speeches raised demands that the U.S., and specifically Texas, stop sending aid to Israel. Texas alone has sent over $300 million in aid. A speaker from the PSC said they called the protest to make sure that the world keeps their eyes on Gaza and refuses to ignore the genocide Israel is committing.

One woman spoke to crowd, with tears in her eyes and voice cracking, that she had not prepared a speech or planned to speak, but was moved to say that she was born in Iraq and knows firsthand the horrors of American military aggression and she stands with Palestine.

The crowd chanted things like, “Hey Greg Abott, you will see, Palestine will be free,” “When people are occupied, resistance is justified,” and much more.

The rally had so many people involved and passionately chanting that the pro-Israel genocide deniers trying to interrupt the demonstration could barely be heard even by those closest to them. 

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