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Orlando LGBTQ community continues to fight back against anti-trans legislation

By Tyler Register

Olando protest against anti-trans legislation.

Orlando, FL – On Saturday, April 15, many organizations came together to continue the fight for LGBTQ rights in Florida. Recent bills, like an expanded Don’t Say Gay bill, are targeting the LGBTQ community generally, while other bills, like SB 254, are specifically attacking trans rights. This protest came after a recent mobilization to Orlando city council’s public comment period where it was found that the local government is not acting to protect its large LGBTQ population. A crowd of around 35 people attended the rally.

Corey Bleakley from the Social Unity Network (SUN) called out Ron DeSantis for using Florida as a political playground for his presidential campaign. Bleakley also spoke of protesting in Tallahassee and the need to fight back together as a united community. “We will continue to fight back. We are the resistance, and we will continue to shut it down,” said Corey.

Jessica Boquet, another speaker from SUN, said, “One of my biggest fears as a counselor is that I won’t be able to provide for my trans clients. Suicide rates are some of the highest among the transgender community because of the state’s targeting against them.”

Jacob Muldoon, a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) Orlando, focused on how the attacks on the LGBTQ community have increased recently. Muldoon then called out the Orlando local government for having no current plans to support its LGBTQ community, stating, “We must demand more of our public officials, and give power to the people. The city of Orlando must be united against these attacks.” Muldoon closed out the rally with the chant “The people united will never be defeated!”

The organizations participating included Social Unity Network, March for Our Lives UCF, No More Dead Sisters, Orlando Liberation Initiative, the HOPE Community Center, and the OUT Sports League.