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Orlando for Gender Equality announces campaign to ensure trans bathroom access

By staff

Orlando activists fight for trans bathroom access. | Fight Back! News/staff

Orlando, FL – Activists and community members gathered outside of the Orange County courthouse in Orlando on September 1 to protest the agenda of Governor Ron DeSantis, in the wake of his recent attacks on the democratic rights. The community came together to show their support for transgender rights, and to protest the bigotry of DeSantis and the political climate he has orchestrated.

The highlighted issue at the protest was Senate Bill 1674, which was signed into law by DeSantis in May. The new law criminalizes transgender people for using the bathroom that aligns with their gender, with punishments including a $1000 fine or imprisonment for up to a year. This is just one of the many actions by DeSantis that prove him to be an enemy of the people.

The protest was organized by Orlando for Gender Equality (OGE), a community organization committed to direct action for LGBTQ rights and gender equality. OGE used the protest to announce the beginning of their campaign to protect trans access to bathrooms. Participating organizations included Orlando FRSO, Poder Latinx, and SWAN (Stand with Abortion Now) of Orlando. Democrat Representative Anna Eskamani also spoke at the rally. Among the issues mentioned were the attacks on workers’ unions by the DeSantis administration, the censorship of education on Black history and LGBTQ people, the suspension of state attorney Monique Worrell, and how all these problems are interconnected.

“We can’t simply wait for three years down the line when DeSantis is out of office,” said Jamila Nicole, the OGE speaker and one of the hosts of the event. “We can’t even wait until next month when our city is set to celebrate Pride. We can’t learn about Black history now! We can’t be gay in school now! They’re trying to push us back into the closet now! My healthcare is banned now! We fight back, and we do it now, because we’re not going back!”

This protest was another step in the right direction to get people organized, build community and bring awareness to the issues facing the people of Florida and the world. As part of their trans bathroom access campaign, OGE announced a mobilization to the Orlando City Council meeting on September 11 to demand that the city guarantee the lowest possible level of enforcement of the trans bathroom ban and to generally do more to stand up against the DeSantis administration. Now is the time to get involved.

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