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Orlando activists shut down U.S. Rep. Soto meet-and-greet

By staff

Orlando protest confronts Representative Soto for his backing of the genocide in Gaza.

Orlando, FL – On July 1, 15 activists confronted U.S. House Representative Darren Soto at a meet-and-greet event, where they condemned his legislative track record of supporting the genocide in Palestine.

The confrontation was an escalation that came after repeated efforts to have a meeting with Soto, to no avail. Soto is sponsored by AIPAC and has received $133,595 from the Zionist pro-Israel lobby to date.

Pursuing an inside-outside strategy, a small group of activists entered the restaurant in which the event was being held to confront Soto directly. After several attempts to initiate conversation with Soto were met with indifference, the group inside erupted with chants of “Free, free Palestine!”

Feeling the pressure from his constituents, Soto scurried out of the restaurant only to be confronted with an even larger group of protesters holding signs and a large banner which read “End U.S. aid to Israel.” Protesters began chanting “Hey Soto, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!” and followed him to his car before he managed to drive away.

“We just shut down Darren Soto’s event for his continued support of Israel and the genocide of Palestinians. He has done everything in the book from censuring Rashida Tlaib, to voting for increased funding to Israel, to voting to not recognize the death count from the Gaza Health Ministry,” said Jacob Muldoon, member of FRSO Orlando.

Orlando for Peace, Central Florida Queers for Palestine, and the Orlando district of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization organized the action. They and and other organizations will continue to pressure local politicians and build support for Palestine and are making preparations to attend the march on the Democratic National Convention in Chicago on August 19.

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