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Orange County, CA: Boycott of Sadaf Foods ends in quick victory

By Henry Cornejo

Orange County, California protest in solidarity with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Orange County, CA – On Saturday, February 10, dozens of protesters stood in front of Harvest Fresh Market, an Orange County Arab market, chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho! Sadaf foods have got to go!” The purpose was to demand that Harvest Fresh remove Sadaf Foods products from its shelves.

Sadaf Foods, which is based out of southern California, is a known Zionist establishment. Within 30 minutes, the supermarket agreed to the demand and immediately began unstocking the various products from its shelves.

The tremendous event was organized by the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, along with support from Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Centro CSO-Orange County, Black Lives Matter Grassroots, International League of Peoples’ Struggles, and many others.

Speakers talked about why they stand in solidarity with the boycott. Maria Elena Madrid, representing Centro CSO-Orange County, spoke on what CSO fights for, “We are a grassroots, working-class organization fighting for the self determination of Chicanos and all oppressed people!” She thanked everyone present for supporting the boycott and explained, “Sadaf Foods disguises itself as a legitimate business of the people for the people when in fact it is not. It profits from doing business with the enemy! It is a company that supports settler colonialism and acts of genocide on Palestinians.” She ended her speech with a poem called Oh Rascal Children of Gaza by Khaled Juma.

David Pulido representing Freedom Road Socialist Organiation took the loudspeaker chanting, “Free, free, Palestine!” and “Long live Palestine!” as the crowd shouted back with enthusiasm. He spoke on how Sadaf Foods is funded by Zionist banks. “Sadaf has deep agricultural businesses that were built on stolen Palestinian land – shame! When the U.S. government pinches pennies for social programs at home, both Republicans and Democrats agree to send billions of dollars of military aid to Israel. Billions, billions of dollars to support the genocide of the Palestinian people – shame!” Pulido linked the fight against the police of Orange County who are trained by Israel, to then target and kill Chicanos and oppressed nationalities, back home. “This is why in the belly of the beast, we strike blows with a common enemy, U.S. imperialism!”

Near the end of the protest the organizers of the boycott thanked everyone for their support in the massive victory against Sadaf Foods. Organizers assured participants that they will check every day, to ensure there is not one Zionist product on their store shelves. It was stressed that the ongoing boycott of Sadaf Foods and any other Zionist businesses would continue, by any means. They suggested actions like following Sadaf Foods’ social media, going to its public events and protesting its continued support for Israel.

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