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Oneida Nation holds memorial ride, rally, for indigenous man killed by Green Bay police

By staff

Green Bay, WI – On Sunday, July 5, the Oneida Nation held a memorial ride and rally for Jonathon Tubby, an Oneida man killed in police custody nearly two years ago. Jonathon’s family, which has filed a civil lawsuit against members of the Green Bay Police Department, had requested a one-year mourning period before beginning public advocacy. That one-year period ended in November 2019 and the family has been pursuing justice ever since.

Approximately 100 vehicles were in a procession through the Oneida reservation with signs reading, “No justice – no peace” and “Justice for Jonathon.” They made stops in residential streets, where they were greeted with cheers and raised fists in solidarity with the Nation, and distributed treats to watching children.

Jonathon Tubby was taken into police custody in October 2018, where he was shot five times by officer Erik O’Brien while “unarmed, in handcuffs, face-down, [and] restrained by a police canine.” Lawyers for the accused officers have moved to dismiss the lawsuit by blaming Jonathon for his own death, saying, “Any injuries or damages suffered by Mr. Tubby were caused by reason of his own wrong acts.”

The family and their allies within the city of Green Bay, across the state of Wisconsin, and across the country, will not rest until justice has been achieved. Officer O’Brien must be immediately fired from the Green Bay Police Department, the case needs to be reopened, and this killer cop must be charged and convicted of murder.

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