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Occupy the Hood MLK march in Minneapolis

By staff

MLK day rally at Minneapolis City Hall

Minneapolis, MN – Organized by Occupy the Hood, about 250 people joined a Martin Luther King Day march here, Jan. 16. Marchers assembled at one of the city’s largest homeless shelters, the Salvation Army Harbor Light, and proceeded to City Hall for a rally.

Members of the Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression distributed leaflets to march participants about the FBI’s campaign against Dr. King and the current FBI repression directed against Carlos Montes and other anti-war activists.

A statement from the event’s organizers said, “On this King Day observation we march in the spirit of Dr. King’s desire for justice for all. So in his honor we march to demand: jobs for all; a freeze on foreclosures; housing for all; workers rights and a livable wage; no more cuts to social programs; an end to racist mass incarceration; an end to scapegoating immigrants; an end to discrimination in all its forms.

Mel Reeves, of Occupy the Hood speaking prior to MLK day march

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