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NYC rallies on Inauguration Day to press for people’s demands

By staff

January 20 NYC protest places demands on the government.

New York, NY – More than 50 people gathered in Times Square in New York City on Wednesday, January 20, in response to President Biden’s inauguration.

The action was organized by the Workers Assembly Against Racism to hold the new Biden administration accountable to the people’s demands. Other organizations represented at the rally included the Laundry Workers Center, International League of Peoples’ Struggles, Peoples Power Assemblies, New York Community Action Project, and others.

The speeches addressed the twelve different demands put forth by the assembly, including ending police terror, free healthcare for all, COVID-relief, an end to U.S. wars abroad, and closing ICE detention centers. Speakers represented different issues related to these demands, including tenant union organizers, international solidarity activists and organizers against police crimes.

All of the organizations there stated a commitment to continue protesting under Biden’s administration to hold him accountable to the people.

“While we are glad that Trump is out of office, our fight for police accountability is not over!” said Jessica Schwartz of the New York Community Action Project.

The event ended with a commitment from the attendees to stay out on the streets and make sure that Biden listens to the people’s demands.

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