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NYC organizers host live stream on tenant rights and organizing under COVID-19

By staff

NYC online event on tenants rights.

New York, NY – On April 9, organizers from New York Community Action Project (NYCAP) hosted an live stream about tenant rights and organizing under COVID-19.

Two housing lawyers and NYCAP members provided information on tenant rights and discussed how tenants can organize effectively in light of COVID-19. This included how to safely organize a rent strike. In this discussion, NYCAP member Daniel Espo emphasized the importance of “coordinated mass action” in order to affect change, rather than spontaneous individual action.

The organizers also shared a resource document,

NYCAP continues to organize a campaign demanding that Governor Cuomo suspend all New Yorkers’ rent payments for 90 days. He has failed to act thus far, but local organizers are continuing to put pressure on the government to suspend rent and prioritize people’s lives over profit.

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