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NY organizers celebrate Marx’s 200th birthday

By Michela

Jessica Schwartz from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization speaking at event

New York, NY – Around 50 socialists and community organizers gathered on Sunday, May 6 to celebrate the 200th birthday of Karl Marx – the founder of scientific socialism.

The event was organized by Workers World Party and featured food, politically agitating posters and banners, along with several panels that addressed different social justice topics and their relation to Marxism.

The afternoon was opened with an eloquent introduction by Workers World Party leader, Larry Holmes. Holmes talked about Marx’s contributions, and how we should be putting “revolution back in the demands.” Holmes continued by connecting the different struggles and saying that for the new generation of workers, “Socialism has never been more popular today than any time in history. And capitalism has never been more unpopular.”

There were several other speakers, including Mike Legaspi from BAYAN USA. Legaspi talked about the history of the CPP and the NPA in the Philippines and their usage of Marxism. He eloquently spoke about the importance of standing the test of time when it comes to utilizing Marxism and revolutionary strategy. Legaspi ended by saying, “We have nothing to lose. And a world to win.”

Jessica Schwartz, from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, gave a speech that covered how to apply Marxism to the practical application of organizing labor. She spoke about how through the utilization of Mao’s concept of the mass line, Marxists can take general demands of the people and create powerful campaigns to win people over to revolution. Schwartz explicitly said, “As Marxists, our role is not to lecture the working class but to join them and fight beside them.”

The rest of the afternoon continued with thought provoking speeches that brought up questions regarding how to continue organize in present time.

The event ended with the attendees marching over to stand in solidarity with the students and cafeteria workers of the New School.

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