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NPA attacks another paramilitary detachment in Mindoro on International Women’s Day

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following March 9 statement by Ka Madaay Gasic, Spokesperson, New People’s Army (NPA) -Mindoro (Lucio De Guzman Command).

Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Mindoro (Lucio de Guzman Command, LDGC) wounded one soldier in their recent attack against a paramilitary detachment in Brgy. Morente, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro they identified as “enemy of poor women and children of Mangyan villages,” Mar. 8.

This offensive took place on Women’s Day as the guerilla forces charged the Civilian Auxilliary Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) as “perpetrators of anti-social acts faced usually by poor women and children in Mangyan villages targeted by military operations,” said Ka Madaay Gasic, spokesperson of NPA-Mindoro.

The NPA received complaints from local villagers accusing CAFGU elements as protectors of illegal logging and looting of minorities’ poultry and agricultural produces during military combat operations.

“The usual victims of military operations are Mangyan women and children who are left at home while their male counterparts are tending their swidden farms,” Ka Madaay stated.

“This offensive is second of a series of punishment of the guerilla forces against the AFP-CAFGU for turning local villagers against their own communities,” he continued. “CAFGU recruitment is part of AFP’s tactics of poisoning Mangyan communities within the indigenous peoples (IP)-centric approach of the anti-people Development Support and Security Plan Kapayapaan.”

On Feb. 23, Red fighters attacked a CAFGU detachment in So. FF Cruz, Brgy. Cambunang in Bulalacao town leaving the unit’s commanding officer Domingo Berber dead.

“May these offensives also send warning to those who willfully join the CAFGU and take up arms against their own communities. There are no justifiable reason for such, and will never provide any good and instead will only aggravate the ever-worsening exploitation and oppression of the Mangyan people,” Ka Madaay ended.

Meanwhile, the guerilla forces hold an early celebration of their anniversary in a guerilla zone in Mindoro on Women’s Day to honor female Red fighters, revolutionaries and martyrs.

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