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New Yorkers march on Wall Street to oppose U.S war on Venezuela

By staff

NYC protest against U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

New York, NY – On February 23, approximately 300 New Yorkers took Wall Street in the Financial District to protest attempts at a U.S.-led coup against the popular and democratically-elected Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro.

The event was part of a global day of action where over 150 cities hosted events to demand “No U.S. War in Venezuela!”

The protesters gathered in front of one of President Trump’s multiple towers under a banner that demanded “No war in Venezuela” in English and Spanish. The lively crowd chanted, “Hands off Venezuela” and “Chavez presente! Maduro Presidente!”

Several of the groups involved had representatives give speeches about the current state of Venezuela, how the U.S. has plans to bring in arms, and the importance of our role protesting here in New York.

Jessica Schwartz spoke on behalf of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, stating, “The U.S. war machine claims Venezuelans don’t have the right to free speech, while the NYPD, through the Strategic Response Group, actively tries to suppress our own voices when we protest the government’s actions. CSFR-NYC supports Venezuela against U.S. intervention and those who support this cause, because fighting back is not a crime.”

Other organizations connected the ongoing attacks on Venezuela to other countries. The speaker from New York Boricua Resistance commented how the U.S. should not use Puerto Rico as a pawn to invade Venezuela, while a representative from Bayan USA demanded the end to the U.S. war machine from Venezuela to the Philippines.

Once the speakers were done, the march began towards Zuccotti Park – famous for being the park used during Occupy Wall Street. Despite the NYPD attempting to derail the march, the protesters made it to the park and had a round of chants and a few mic checks. They continued to the atrium of the World Trade Center. Voices rang out loud and clear demanding an end to U.S. involvement in Venezuela, as onlookers took pictures and stopped their daily routines.

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