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New York Spring Action against war

By Jessica Schwartz

Participants in NYC anti-war protest.

New York, NY – Over 1000 people gathered at Herald Square on Sunday, April 15, to rally against U.S. wars abroad and at home. The event was part of a national call for Spring Action, where anti-war groups came together to speak out against Trump’s attacks, as well as U.S. imperialism. The protest itself happened just days after Trump launched more missiles at Syria.

The speakers included veterans, students, labor activists and national liberation groups. Each gave their own perspective on why everyone should oppose U.S. wars. Many spoke to the amount of money spent on war, as opposed to social programs, and the importance of standing with people living in countries targeted by the U.S.

Michela Martinazzi from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression NYC stated “Whether you’re doing anti-gentrification work, whether you’re doing immigration work, whether you’re standing up for Palestine or the Philippines or Colombia, you are dealing blows to U.S. imperialism and they know that.”

After speakers fired up the crowd at Herald Square, the crowd marched to Trump Tower. Protest chants included “Hands off Syria!” “From Palestine, to the Philippines, stop the U.S. war machine!”

The protest was organized by the United National Antiwar Coalition and many others.

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