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New video appears to show Jamar Clark in handcuffs after being shot by police

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – Black Lives Matter Minneapolis has uncovered video of Jamar Clark after he was shot in the head by Minneapolis Police. The Black Lives Matter Minneapolis Facebook post notes, “At the 29-second mark you can see Jamar’s body appears to be lifeless on the ground with his hands in handcuffs, just as numerous witnesses have reported from day one.”


Minneapolis Police union president Bob Kroll claimed Nov. 19 that Clark grabbed an officer’s gun and was not handcuffed during the incident, but this footage of him with his hands behind his back completely contradicts the police story.

Investigators so far have confirmed Clark was unarmed, handcuffs were found at the scene, and they are trying to determine whether Clark was wearing them at the time he was shot.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis is demanding that the officers involved be directly prosecuted without involving a grand jury, given that over 97% of cases involving police killings end without indictment. If these officers are guilty they must be punished accordingly.

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