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National week of action: Stop U.S./Israeli genocide in Gaza!

By Mick Kelly

The U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR), and National Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) call for a week of action against the U.S./Israeli genocide in Gaza from February 5 to 11.

The call for the week of actions comes at a time when President Biden states the U.S. is going to step up its military intervention in the Middle East.

A statement from the groups initiating the week of protests states, “The people of Palestine are fighting for their liberation and the people of Yemen are standing with them. The U.S. government is sending billions in military aid to Israel and bombing Yemen. We will never be silent. All of us who stand with Palestine and believe in liberation need to act. The genocide must be stopped!”

“Israel is being defeated on every level – politically, militarily, legally at the International Court of Justice, and in the court of public opinion – so we must continue to apply pressure from the belly of the U.S. imperialist beast,” said Hatem Abudayyeh, national chair of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network. “Genocide Joe Biden is on the ropes as well, and the week of action will do what we've been doing so powerfully for four months with our Black and brown coalitions in Chicago and beyond – expose Zionism and U.S. complicity in the genocide.”

Frank Chapman, executive director of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, states, “The recent decision by the UN International Court of Justice makes crystal clear the utter moral bankruptcy of the U.S./Israel axis waging genocidal war against the Palestinian people. Now more than ever we must demand that not another dime of our tax dollars be spent on a war being carried out by war criminals. It is clear now that a majority of the community of nations sees the U.S., Israel and their allies as perpetrators of war crimes, of crimes against humanity.”

Chrisley Carpio, of New Students for Democratic Society said, “The U.S. and its puppet, the Israeli government, are determined to fund and carry out a genocide of the Palestinian people. They will bomb Yemen, Iraq, and go to war with sovereign countries to maintain their criminal domination of the region. It's imperative that people in the United States do everything they can to damage this agenda, starting with calling for the end of all U.S. aid to Israel. Students across SDS are facing discipline, code of conduct charges, and other threats for opposing this genocide and for standing with Palestine. We won't stop now!”

Endorsers of the national week of action include the Samidoun Political Prisoners Network, National Students for Justice in Palestine, International League of Peoples’ Struggles – U.S., and the United National Antiwar Committee.

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