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MN calls on Senator Klobuchar to speak out against U.S. war threats on Korea

By Meredith Aby

Banner at Minneapolis protest against war on the DPRK.

Minneapolis, MN – On Feb. 22, the snow fell as Minnesotans stood outside the offices of Senator Klobuchar to oppose the U.S. war threats against Korea. A statement from protest organizers, the Anti-War Committee, said, “Korea has a right to self-determination. The Trump regime needs to stand down, end U.S. war preparations on the Korean peninsula and not add the deaths of millions of Koreans to the administration’s already bloody tally.”

The world has been focused on the Korean peninsula this month for the Olympic Games. North and south Korea are struggling to honor the tradition of the Olympics as a time of truce by taking steps towards reconciliation through a unified Olympics team and flag, and towards a thawing of hostilities. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to do everything it can to block potential peace by maintaining and expanding threats of war against north Korea.

Rhea Smykalski, speaking for the MN Anti-War Committee, addressed the crowd first, “It may be cold outside, but we’re bringing the heat to Amy Klobuchar. In the last few months, Trump has been ramping up the attacks on Korea. Throughout his presidency, he has proven over and over that he knows nothing about diplomacy, and his impetuous behavior is about to cause a nuclear war.”

Smykalski continued, “Recently, bombers that can carry nuclear weapons are now positioned in Guam only 2200 miles away, several ships that carry advanced attack planes are headed to the region, and Japan is preparing to evacuate its citizens from north Korea. Our ‘shithole’ president is trying to take credit for the peace talks while carrying out endless dangerous and aggressive military maneuvers that are provoking nuclear war. We need to act now to oppose the U.S. government and its senseless threats of war against north Korea. Korea has a right to self-determination. We need to demand the U.S. stop threatening millions of Koreans with obliteration. It is our duty as U.S. citizens to put pressure on him and Congress to stop impeding peace efforts in the region, and to do everything we can to stop Trump from starting a world war!”

Sarah Martin, from Women Against Military Madness, also spoke. She said, “It’s important to be here today to call for ‘Hands off Korea!’ We’ve breathed a little easier over past two weeks during this Olympic break when the Trump administration was forced to back off. Imagine the relief the Koreans have felt who have been in the cross hairs of the U.S. war machine for decades.”

Martin concluded, “Almost 70 years ago, we entered into a war with north Korea that has never ended. At the time, only a handful of Americans raised their voices in opposition. We will not be silent this time. It is so important we are here once again in front of Senator Klobuchar’s office to say ‘End the sanctions,’ ‘Stop the military exercises’, ‘No more demonization,’ and ‘Hands off Korea!’ The stakes are catastrophically high.”

The protest follows up on call-in day to the senator earlier in February. Senator Klobuchar was unwilling to meet with the Anti-War Committee on Feb. 22 and the committee plans to continue to pressure their senators to play a role in opposing U.S. war threats on Korea.

The MN Peace Action Coalition has initiated a call for a march on April 15 with the slogan of “No U.S. War on North Korea”. The protest will start at 1:30 p.m. at Hennepin and Lagoon Avenues in Minneapolis.

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