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MN Anti-War Committee opposes confirmation of Pompeo and Haspel

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – The Minnesota Anti-War Committee issued the following action alert to its supporters on March 15 after the Trump administration announced the nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State and the nomination of Deputy Director Gina Haspel for CIA director. Fight Back! is circulating the call for constituents to contact their senators.

Action Alert: Smith and Klobuchar Vote NO on Pompeo and Haspel!

Trump has nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who is a close ally of the Koch brothers, to be the new secretary of state. This would be a disaster for U.S. foreign relations with Iran and North Korea. Pompeo’s hawkish attitudes towards both countries would make it doubtful diplomacy with either country would go anywhere and he would increase the chances of nuclear war with both countries! Additionally, The Atlantic reported, “Pompeo embraces anti-Muslim bigots, and defames Muslims, with almost as much gusto as Trump himself.” His racist beliefs on Muslims uniquely disqualify him as top diplomat for the U.S.

Gina Haspel, the CIA’s current deputy director, has been nominated by Trump for the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency. We strongly oppose her nomination too. Haspel was directly involved in the CIA's torture program and Fortune reports “A 2017 New York Times report says Haspel, in 2002, oversaw the torture of two suspects at a secret prison in Thailand and later was involved in the destruction of videotapes documenting that torture. One of those prisoners was waterboarded 83 times in a single month, had his head repeatedly slammed into walls, and endured other harsh methods before interrogators decided he had no useful information to provide, says the Times. As a result of such torture, she was shifted out of her role as head of the CIA’s clandestine service.”

The Anti-War Committee calls on Minnesotans to call on both Minnesota senators to vote no to both Pompeo and Haspel and to use their voice in the Senate to stop them from taking office!

Senator Tina Smith: 202-224-5641

Senator Amy Klobuchar: 202-224-5641

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