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Minnesotans mobilizing to attend Rasmea Odeh trial

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – Twin Cities activists are making plans to attend the Detroit trial of prominent Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh. Odeh is facing trumped-up immigration charges as a part of the government's campaign against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims.

Members of the Twin Cities-based Welfare Rights Committee will be there for the opening day of the trial Nov. 4. “As low-income families, we are proud to stand with Rasmea Odeh and we will be sitting in the court room with her. She has devoted her entire life to empowering women and fighting oppression. Rasmea never should have been charged in the first place,” states Linden Gawboy of the Welfare Rights Committee.

Mick Kelly, of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression states, “People are mobilizing around the country to attend Rasmea’s trial. Judge Drain has made a series of outrageous rulings limiting Rasmea’s defense. We want justice in this case and we will be there demanding it.”

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