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Minnesotans march in solidarity with Ayotzinapa students

By brad

Minneapolis rally in solidarity with Mexican students

Minneapolis, MN – Students led a march of more than 200 people here Nov. 20 to demand justice for the 43 disappeared student activists from the rural teacher’s college in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero in México. Students came from several area colleges and high schools and many community members marched too.

Braving bitter single-digit temperatures, the marchers started at Augsburg College, marched via the West Bank neighborhood to the University of Minnesota campus, crossed the Washington Avenue bridge over the Mississippi River and ended in front of Coffman Student Union. The marchers’ chants for justice in Spanish rang through the West Bank neighborhood and the U of M campus. At Coffman Union, candles were lit to spell out “México” and “43” while several people spoke about the struggle for justice.

The march in Minneapolis coincided with an international day of action centered in México demanding justice for the 43 students. There were massive protests throughout México and solidarity actions around the world.

The Ayotzinapa students were attacked by police in the town of Iguala on Sept. 26. Three students were killed and 43 others were arrested and turned over by the police to a Mexican drug gang and haven’t been seen since. This is the latest incident in a long pattern of the U.S.-backed Mexican state’s violence and impunity. Protests in México continue to grow, demanding that the 43 students be returned alive and an end to state violence.

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